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Management of the health crisis

L'Echo (9 juin 2021)

White card entitled: "Ponce Pilate à la Place Poelaert"


Nicolas Thirion, professor of law at the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology of the University of Liège, published a White Card in the Echo concerning the judgment of this Monday, June 7 of the Court of Appeal of Brussels which "considers that the Covid ministerial decrees have an appearance of sufficient legal bases, even if it does not fail to raise a certain number of arguments relating to the weakness of these legal bases themselves".


Link to this publication: https://www.lecho.be/opinions/analyse/ponce-pilate-a-la-place-poelaert/10312272.html?fbclid=IwAR0BlD2insh9TkLN0UsA-5WcNHeSH4AL5HwXO8nWfgZynkgFIGBs9eO0NEw

Lien pdf ICI 

LN24 - Belgique (7 juin 2021) 

Pour info: "Mesures anti-covid: la Cour d'appel y trouve "apparemment un fondement légal""


Anne-Emmanuelle Bourgaux, constitutional expert at UMons, intervenes at LN24 following the decision of the judgment of the Brussels Court of Appeal.


Link to this publication: https://www.ln24.be/node/19206 


La Libre Belgique (May 28, 2021)

White card entitled "We ask for a cost / benefit analysis of health measures taken for more than a year"


Link to this publication: https://www.lalibre.be/debats/opinions/never-waste-a-good-crisis-evaluations-pour-mieux-gerer-60b0b5359978e20c600c2911

Pandemic Bill


LN24 - Belgium (June 1, 2021)

For Info: "Pandemic law, what's stuck?"


Anne-Emmanuelle Bourgaux, constitutionalist at UMons and member of the collective, is the guest of Pierre Fagnart and speaks about the pandemic law in front of the other guests, Sophie Rohonyi (federal deputy Défi) and Catherine Fallon (professor in analysis and public policy evaluation, Uliège).



BAM! - (May 31, 2021):

BAM debate! "Pandemic law: Stop or else?"


Anne-Emmanuelle Bourgaux, Professor of Law and Constitutionalist at the University of Mons and member of the collective, discusses the pandemic law with Pr. Pierre-François Laterre (Professor of medicine at UCLouvain, head of the intensive care unit for Cliniques Universitaires St Luc à Bxl, member of the CovidRationnel collective), Prof. Bernard Rentier (Biologist specializing in virology, honorary rector of the Université Libre de Liège, member of the CovidRationnel collective), and Georges-Louis Bouchez, president of the MR.



La Libre Belgique (28 may 2021) :

 Carte Blanche titled "‘Never waste a good crisis’ : évaluer pour mieux gérer"


"Nous demandons une analyse coûts/bénéfices des mesures sanitaires prises depuis plus d'un an"

Link to this publication: https://www.lalibre.be/debats/opinions/never-waste-a-good-crisis-evaluer-pour-mieux-gerer-60b0b5359978e20c600c2911

La Libre Belgique (April 28, 2021):

Carte Blanche entitled "Ensure a solid legal basis to manage the current period, YES! Hastily and without hindsight impose a framework for the management of future crises, NO!"


Link to this publication: https://www.lalibre.be/debats/opinions/assurer-une-base-legale-solide-pour-gerer-la-periode-actuelle-oui-imposer-a-la-hate-et -without-hindsight-a-framework-for-the-management-of-future-crises-not-60882c737b50a616927a34e2

LN24 - Belgium (April 28, 2021):

La Question de la Matinale - "Pandemic law: a risky bet?"


Marc Pittie, lawyer at the Brussels bar, spoke during the Morning Question about the essential changes to be made to the "pandemic law" project.




Belgian Health Pass

LN24 - Belgique (21 September 2021):

For info: "health pass, vaccination, these topics that divide us"


Erik Van den Haute, professor of law at the ULB, was received on the set of Julien Bal to discuss the health pass and compulsory vaccination.




RTBF - LA UNE - info (May 19, 2021):

"QR the debate - Health pass ... healthy pass?"


Arnaud Jansen, lawyer at the Brussels bar, was received on the set of Sacha Daout to discuss the health pass.



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