The "Coronapass" or "Covid safe ticket"


Concerning the "Coronapass" or "Covid safe ticket" project, the collective carried out, in collaboration with the Covid Rationnel collective, a detailed analysis of the Belgian government's proposals, entitled "The Coronapass or the" Covid Safe Ticket ", a false good idea?"


This analysis, which takes stock of the scientific, ethical and legal implications of such a project, begins as follows:


"For some time now, we have repeatedly put forward the idea that a coronapass would suffice to certify its immune status to SARS-CoV-2. We could thus go to a football match, a concert, or even the restaurant. This green light would be obtained either by vaccination, or by proof of recent infection, or by recent negative PCR or antigen test. For the moment, in addition to the proposal of an EU covid-19 certificate for travel in Europe which is Debated at European level, a proposal for a “Covid safe ticket” is put on the table by the Belgian government, a coronapass that would condition access to events of a certain magnitude.


We detail here scientifically, ethically and legally why it is a false good idea and that the only reasonable solution is to reopen everything gradually, provided that people at risk are made responsible and can be protected (vaccine, rapid tests, isolation, barrier gestures,…). "


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