About Us


Our essential objective is to work to safeguard the rule of law, democracy and our fundamental freedoms, both individual and collective, strongly undermined by the management of the COVID-19 epidemic by the public powers.


Our Vision

A genuinely democratic society, fully respecting the rule of law, pluralism and the fundamental freedoms of human beings, composed of free, responsible and united citizens.

Our missions

  • Work to protect fundamental rights and freedoms, severely damaged by the management of the health crisis by public authorities in Belgium ;
  • Propose and carry out actions aimed redress and at obtaining the recognition of violations of fundamental rights, within the framework of approaches based on the rule of law;
  • Ensure that legal analyzes and actions undertaken are accessible to the general public, as well as to the Councils of Belgian citizens affected by administrative police measures taken by the government;
  • Promote and participate in a way out of the crisis "from the top", by proposing institutional, legal and/or regulatory reforms, making it possible to prevent, for the future, current abuses, but also to fully realize our vision of a democratic society.

Our values

Democracy: we trust the voice of the people and are deeply committed to democracy and fundamental rights and freedoms, both individual and collective.


Humanism: we support and carry out actions in a spirit of respect, benevolence and solidarity.


Independence: we have no links of interest with economic or political powers likely to guide our actions. We advocate the autonomy and sovereignty of everyone over their life choices.


Respect: we cultivate tolerance and consideration for others, the background, the motivations and the deep convictions of each one, as well as for the Living One who surrounds us.


Professionalism: we respect the commitments made, our interlocutors, as well as users of courtesy, prudence and delicacy of the legal professions.


Pluralism: we give space to dialogue and debate, even when ideas are opposed.


Authenticity: we speak and act with sincerity and conviction, in order to promote the truth.


Transparency: We facilitate access to knowledge and expose our visions and actions to the light, so that they can be known and appreciated by all.


How are we organized ?

For the time being, we are organized informally, in thematic sub-groups, through weekly meetings and regular exchanges, by the usual means of communication.


Everyone participates in the work of the collective according to their desires, possibilities, skills and sensitivity, without any obligation but in accordance with our common values and objectives, defined collectively.


We are as much at the service of society in general as of citizens and collective organizations in particular.


We work on a voluntary basis, in order to serve a common vision and missions defined together. However, if certain analytical work or certain actions prove to be particularly demanding in terms of human resources to dedicate or time to spend, the collective undertakes to find the external resources necessary to finance them.


Who makes up our collective ?

As the collective is not formally organized, there are no members or subscribers.


Everyone is free to participate in such or such group initiative and it is advisable to refer to "our actions" to know who wished to take part.


The people signing the work we publish take sole responsibility for their comments and analyzes.


There are currently several dozens of us and our ranks are growing every day.

Also, we invite all legal professionals who share our vision and our values to join us.


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LAWYERS 4 DEMOCRACY  is a group of legal professionals from all horizons (Attorneys, Law Professors, in-house corporate Lawyers, public administration Jurists...), established in Belgium.

e-mail: contact@lawyers4democracy.com