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Contracts signed between the European Commission and vaccine manufacturers


The advance purchase contracts signed between the European Commission and vaccine manufacturers (AstraZeneca, CureVac and Sanofi) were analyzed, at the request of the Notre Bon Droit association, by certain members of the collective, in order to assess the legality , in the light of Belgian law - which is the contractually applicable law - clauses exonerating liability expressly included in these contracts.


Here are some of the findings of this study:


"In the light of Belgian law of obligations, the clauses according to which vaccine manufacturers do not guarantee and assume no responsibility for the efficacy and the absence of serious adverse effects should, a priori, be considered unlawful Indeed, according to their terms, the purpose of these clauses is to exempt manufacturers from their essential obligation (ie that of delivering and guaranteeing something in conformity with the contract), but also - and above all - of emptying the contract of its substance and of any useful effect. "


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Legal notice - vaccine contracts


To read the contracts:

AstraZeneca contract

CureVac contract

Sanofi contract

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