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On the EU health passport

On March 17, 2021, the European Commission published two proposals for European Regulations aimed at establishing a "digital green certificate" intended to facilitate free and safe movement in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic.


It is :

- a proposal for a Regulation "relating to a framework for the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable vaccination, testing and recovery certificates in order to facilitate free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic (digital green certificate)" - COM/2021/130 final

- a proposal for a Regulation "relating to a framework for the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable vaccination, testing and recovery certificates intended for third country nationals staying or legally residing in the territory of the Member States during the pandemic of COVID-19 (digital green certificate)" - COM/ 2021/140 final


  • On the "fast-track" procedure

Because the Commission is "in a hurry" to have these regulations adopted, it asked the leaders of the political groups of the European Parliament to include these two texts on the agenda of March 24, 2021 of the Plenary Assembly, so that they are put to the vote of the MEPs without it having been previously discussed in committee and therefore without amendments (“fast-track procedure”), as should normally be the case.


In this context, we have invited European citizens to write to MEPs to ask them not to give in to pressure from the Commission and to do their job as parliamentarians, by carefully examining the text and ensuring that it is amended everywhere. infringements of citizens' freedoms would appear to be excessive.


  • On the substance of the proposed texts

Concerning the "digital green certificate" project, the collective carried out, with the help of the CovidRationnel collective, a detailed analysis of the Commission's proposals, entitled "The digital green certificate ": a disproportionate, ineffective and unfair obstacle to the free movement of European citizens ".


This analysis is presented as follows:



The proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council relating to the implementation of a digital green certificate is, on the one hand, coercive in so far as it adds obstacles to the free movement of European citizens and, of on the other hand, ineffective because the measures it puts in place do not guarantee the public health objectives (preventing the transmission of SARS-CoV-2) which constitute its justification. Besides the fact that the basic premise of the digital green certificate is based on inaccurate and incomplete scientific claims, in its current wording, the proposal violates the fundamental rights of European citizens, and in particular the right to free movement within the EU and the right to the protection of personal data. "



The summary of this study can be downloaded in pdf format below (5 pages):


- study summary - FR

- samenvatting van de analyse - NL


The full analysis can be downloaded here (26 pages):


- full version - FR

- full version - EN


It can also be consulted on the website of the CovidRationnel collective, at the following address: -inequitable-for-the-free-movement-of-European-citizens /





Explanatory sheet

The "COVID EU digital certificate"



On May 20, 2021, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament agreed on an EU digital COVID certificate on May 21, 2021.

This is supposed to "facilitate safe free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recovered from this disease or presents a test result negative."


This explanatory sheet was written in collaboration with the CovidRationnel collective.


<= In our opinion the text of the regulation still poses many problems.

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