A collective of legal professionals dedicated to the defense of democracy and the rule of law

Lawyers 4 Democracy

Who are we?

We are a collective of legal professionals from all walks of life: lawyers, lawyers from companies or public institutions, university professors in law, etc.

Our vision

A genuinely democratic society, fully respecting the rule of law, pluralism and the fundamental freedoms of human beings, composed of free, responsible and united citizens.

What do we do?

Our essential objective is to work to safeguard the rule of law, democracy and our fundamental freedoms, both individual and collective, strongly undermined by the management of the COVID-19 epidemic by the executive powers. 

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LAWYERS 4 DEMOCRACY  is a group of legal professionals from all horizons (Attorneys, Law Professors, in-house corporate Lawyers, public administration Jurists...), established in Belgium.

e-mail: contact@lawyers4democracy.com