On police violence during "La Boum 2" at Bois de la Cambre



Some members of our collective went to Bois de la Cambre on May 1 to observe the progress of "La Boum 2", announced by the young people of the "L 'Abîme" collective.

What they were first-line witnesses to led them to send, by email dated May 5, 2021, a detailed letter to the members of the Municipal Council of the city of Brussels, with a copy to Madame Verlinden, Minister of Interior, to the General Inspectorate of Police, to the Council of the Brussels-Ixelles police zone and to Mr. Magnette, President of the Socialist Party.


This letter begins as follows:


"Madam Counselor,

Mr. Advisor,


We are writing to you in our capacity as members of the Lawyers4democracy collective which defends respect for the rule of law and fundamental freedoms as part of the management of the covid-19 crisis.

All the signatories of this letter went to Bois de la Cambre and its surroundings this Saturday, May 1th to observe the unfolding of the events announced there.

What we have witnessed first-hand goes beyond anything we could have imagined in a democratic country and more particularly in Belgium.

We would particularly like to draw your attention, in your capacity as municipal councilor, to the following facts: ... "


To read the whole letter, in FR or NL versions, you can download it here:


Letter dated May 5, 2021 - FR version

Brief van 5 mei 2021 - NL versie

Legal actions :

In order to allow the victims of police violence committed on May 1st as part of "La Boum 2" to obtain compensation for their damage, some lawyers of our collective are preparing a civil liability action and a criminal action with filing of a complaint. in the hands of the examining magistrate.

For more information, please contact:


Master Séverine Evrard

Lawyer and certified mediator


+32 (0) 496 30 98 34

Drève du Sénéchal 19, 1180 Brussels


Do not hesitate to tell people around you who might be interested in such actions.


NB: We draw your attention to the fact that there will be a choice to be made, for each victim, between the civil route or the criminal route in order to avoid the application of the adage "the criminal holds the civil in l 'state'.

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