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Introductory remarks :


Our essential objective is to work to safeguard the rule of law, democracy and our fundamental rights and freedoms, which are seriously undermined in the context of the management of the COVID-19 epidemic.


In order to achieve this objective, we are carrying out in-depth, serious and politically neutral analysis of the most essential legal questions raised by the present crisis (legality of administrative police measures taken by governments, health passport projects, compliance with constitutional balances, etc.).


On the basis of this work can be taken all reasonable and considered actions that are useful and necessary for the pursuit of our goal. These actions can range from the publication of legal analyzes, to the drafting of columns in the Press, through awareness-raising initiatives for the general public or the political class or even legal actions.


In Belgium

On the so-called “Pandemic” law

Concerning the bill "relating to administrative police measures during an epidemic emergency situation", we produced various analyzes, together with proposals, at the stage of the preliminary draft law, then at the stage of the draft law itself.

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On criminal fines related to "Covid" measures

In order to help people who would be the recipients of a criminal fine linked to the so-called "Covid" measures, we are providing the public with a "toolbox", made up, for the time being, of two documents:

- a general information document, entitled "What if I receive a Covid criminal fine?" ;

- a document setting out 6 arguments that can be raised in court in the event of a challenge to a criminal fine.

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On police violence during "La Boum 2" at Bois de la Cambre

Some members of our collective went to Bois de la Cambre on May 1st to observe the progress of "La Boum 2", announced by the young people of the "L 'Abîme" collective.

What they witnessed on the front line led them to send a detailed letter to the members of the Municipal Council of the city of Brussels, with a copy to Madame Verlinden, Minister of the Interior, to the General Inspectorate of the Police, to the Council of the Brussels-Ixelles police zone and to Mr. Magnette, President of the Socialist Party.

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The "Coronapass" or "Covid safe ticket"

Concerning the "Coronapass" or "Covid safe ticket" project, the collective carried out, in collaboration with the Covid Rationnel collective, a detailed analysis, which takes stock of the scientific, ethical and legal implications of such a project, of the Belgian government's proposals, entitled "The Coronapass or the" Covid Safe Ticket ", a false good idea?"

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At European Union level

On the EU health passport

The European Commission having recently published two draft European Regulations relating to the health passport, or "digital green certificate", we intervened to challenge MEPs, on the one hand on the procedure for adopting these texts and, on the other hand, on the scientific and legal foundations of this "passport", in partnership with the Covid Rationnel collective.

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LAWYERS 4 DEMOCRACY  is a group of legal professionals from all horizons (Attorneys, Law Professors, in-house corporate Lawyers, public administration Jurists...), established in Belgium.

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